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One Vote Does Matter!


In just a few days we will once again be able to cast a vote to save unborn children from cruel and violent death by abortion.  Who you vote for on Tuesday, November 6 will make a difference in what laws can be protected and new ones can be passed, both at the federal and state level!

All of Virginia’s Congressional seats are in play as well as one of our US Senator’s seat.  Virginia has a strong pro-life delegation to Washington DC.  Out of our 11 congressional districts, we have been represented by 7 pro-life Representatives. We must not let pro-abortion forces replace any of those seats with pro-abortion individuals. Your Votes can prevent that from happening.

Last year Virginians proved to the country just how important one vote can be. The race for the control of the Virginia House of Delegates was decided by exactly one vote! Now this November we must hold on to pro-life control in the House. There is a special race in the 8th district, Salem-Roanoke area, which will once again decide the control of Virginia’s House of Delegates. This race will also decide if VSHL can protect the strong prolife laws that we have worked so hard to gain over the years. Pro-life Joe McNamara has been endorsed in that race by the VSHLPAC. If you have friends or family in that district, please make sure they get to the polls on Tuesday.

Below you will see a list of the Congressional candidates endorsed by VSHLPAC this year.  Please share it with your friends and family.

District 1:  Rob Wittman (incumbent)
District 2:  Scott Taylor (incumbent)
District 4:  Ryan McAdams (challenger)
District 5:  Denver Riggleman (open seat)
District 6:  Ben Cline (open seat)
District 7:  Dave Brat (incumbent)
District 9:  Morgan Griffith (incumbent)
District 10: Barbara Comstock (incumbent)
District 11:  Jeff Dove (challenger)

Virginia House 8th Joe McNamara

Thank you for helping VSHL get out the pro-life vote.  We can’t do this without you!


Olivia Gans Turner